Folk law has it that Zubin actually popped out of the front port of a Mitchell BNC in Bollywood - his mother says otherwise but that another story. Whatever the truth, celluloid metabolised in his blood and DNA. After arduous training in the art of cinematography in features in Bollywood with the best cinematographers, directors and actors he moved to London at 13.

After graduating he has spent the next 30 years working with amazing film directors, production companies, producers, agencies and clients from across the globe. He soon realised that home was 35,000 feet in the sky but his feet had to stay firmly planted on the ground.

Zubin Received numerous awards for his art both in London and Hollywood and on his way also photographed an Oscar nominated film “Killing Joe”.

Having been critically acclaimed by his clients and peers from across the globe, Zubin is most fond of these kind words from a review of the film “LEO” at “Zubin Mistry’s cinematography, meanwhile is reminiscent of Conrad Halls work in American Beauty”. Conrad Hall being a master and one of the primary influences on Zubin’s work and modern cinematography as a whole.

Zubin was the first Cinematographer to shoot a commercial on the now much loved Arri Alexa in Hollywood, having always embraced new technology. This is just one example to show the passion he has for his art coupled to the innovative ideas he brings to every project.


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