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Zubin Mistry is an International globally renowned director/DOP based in London and LA. Being a second generation DOP, he graduated from the BCAD UK with a master’s degree in Fine Arts. His work has taken him to far reaches of the globe spanning his 35 year career, having collaborated with major Clients across Uk Europe and the USA like  Mercedes Benz, GMC, Ford, Lexus, Volvo, Audi, Hyundai, Suzuki, BMW, Jaguar, land rover, Saab, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, coke, Pepsi, Adidas Nike, Puma but to name a few.   In the world of advertising, he specialises in commercials ranging from drama, VFX, beauty, automotive, Celebrities, lifestyle & youth culture, sport and food, making him a strong pillar of strength across filmmaking platforms and genres.   In the last year he has received immense recognition for his contribution for several recent projects in the UAE including bringing to life concepts for Toyota, Honda the closing film for Dubai Expo 2020, the Union Fortress 8 2022 film for the Ministry of Defence and G42 artificial intelligence awareness campaign, Coca-Cola and Burj Khalifa, projects for Emaar, Real housewives of Dubai and many more   His feature films, such as ’Killing Joe’ and ‘Leo’ have been nominated for the Academy Awards, garnered him worldwide recognition of his craft, finesse and individualistic style.   His passion in work lies in collaborating with advertising agencies and client to bring about solutions that outcome in producing films that take the brand strategy to the next level.        

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